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AGIS with COMSovereign's Virtual NetCom Introduces the World's First 5G Cellular Base Station System

JUPITER, Fla., Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS) announced that its LifeRing Geo-Centric networking software system has been successfully integrated with the RAID™ Secure Portable Cellular Network system from Virtual NetCom (VNC), a unit of COMSovereign Holding Corp. (OTC: COMS). The fully integrated solution enables an instantly deployable 4G/5G Network bubble with full featured LifeRing features in any location worldwide.

The addition of LifeRing Server software to VNC's 4G/5G Platform enables all PC, Android and iOS users to be automatically networked together creating a geocentric Communications, Coordination and Collaboration system that enables the exchange of encrypted location information along with chat, PTT, voice and video between each user while viewing each other's location on a map or satellite image. To facilitate complete interoperation between the networked participants, LifeRing also provides the ability for users to: declare that they are in an Emergency, enter map symbols and attach files and photos to the symbols by touching their map symbol, enter drawings on their map for all to view, select map types, send commands, and exchange email like message traffic.

LifeRing software operates as a downloadable App or as a web client. Data entered on either the LifeRing APP or the LifeRing web client is immediately viewed on the other.

LifeRing's software is also available in First Responder and Military versions. The First Responder version has interfaces to Police and Fire P25 Radios and can interoperate with other First Responder units using other cellular frequencies including Band 14. LifeRing can also digitally communicate with First Responders that are using Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages for data exchange.

The military version of LifeRing provides data link interfaces to many US and NATO C4I systems by interfacing with Link -16, JVMF, CoT, OTH GOLD, SARIR and other data links and translates and forwards data between the interfacing C4I systems. The military version of LifeRing also processes, displays, integrates and forwards data received from many sensors including radars, sonar buoys, seismic devices and GPS transponders including AIS, SPOT, NAL and others. The military version of LifeRing provides an ability for VNC's cellular Base Station to interface with Military radios, Iridium and Thuraya satellites and with MESH networks as well as commercial cell systems and P25 Radios.

AGIS' CEO, Cap Beyer, stated that, "AGIS LifeRing use of Virtual NetCom's 4G/5G RAID (backpacked) base station system brings a new capability to both First Responder and military operations."

AGIS's LifeRing IP is covered by over 20 US and international patents which have been vigorously enforced.

"Our secure RAID network system was designed to be both portable and highly flexible thanks to our proprietary virtualization and system on a chip technology, allowing for seamless integration with advanced software solutions such AGIS' LifeRing, greatly expanding its value to customers in the military and first responders," said Mohan Tammisetti, senior vice president, Engineering & Technology, at Virtual NetCom.

About Advanced Ground Information Systems (AGIS)
AGIS is a small veteran-owned firm with offices located in Florida, Kansas, Texas and Virginia. AGIS specializes in development of netcentric software that enables coordinated operations between various First Responders and militaries. Our LifeRing software is used by the US Government, "Five Eyes" countries and other allied countries.

Much more information concerning AGIS can be found on our website, including views of LifeRing operations at LifeRing briefings at website - and our patent portfolio located at

About Virtual NetCom LLC
Virtual NetCom LLC, a COMSovereign Holding Corp. (Symbol: COMS) company, designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and supports a line of network products for wireless network operators, mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), cable TV system operators, and government and business enterprises that enable new sources of revenue and reduce capital and operating expenses. The vision of VNC is to reinvent how wireless networks service mission critical communications for Public Safety, Homeland Security, Department of Defense and commercial Private Network users.

Contact: Cap Beyer, Advanced Ground Information Systems, Inc., 561-744-2313

SOURCE Advanced Ground Information Systems, Inc.

Aug 11, 2020